How I spent the month of May

Among other things, writing a book. I set a goal to be done by the first of June. The only thing was, I started on the 6th of May. I finished! I did. Which means that I wrote a book in 26 days. Circle-editing as I wrote helped a lot, so it was only a week later that I was submitting it to a publisher. We’ll see what happens. I do hope it gets accepted (obviously) but in the meantime…

I’ve always been very intimidated by self-publishing. I know several authors who do it, and I am in such awe of them for being able to have the discipline (and spoons) to go through that whole process. My goal this year is to self-publish at least one work, in order to learn how to do the thing. This does, of course, mean I need a book to publish.

May have just finished one, but I guess it’s time to start something new.

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