Aidan Wayne

Important Annoucement

It is with great regret I have to announce that I have requested my rights back from Dreamspinner Press. This request has been granted and, effectively immediately, all my books with DSP have been taken down from all sellers.

This means Stage Presents, Hitting The Mark, Rule of Thirds, and Showers Flowers and Fangs are no longer available for sale until further notice.

I am doing the best I can to get them republished, though this time I will doing the whole process myself. I hope for sooner over later though.

I am saddened I had to do this, but I think it is for the best. I ask that you please be patient with me as I work through this new challenge.

That being said, I do have good news! I have a new (unrelated to all this) book release. Not So Cookie Cutter features poc main characters, a disabled main character, and is super sweet. Follow this link to check it out:

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